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Health Insurance Solutions for Small Businesses in Santa Monica and Los Angeles

Small business owners in Santa Monica, West LA, and Los Angeles know that the rising cost of health insurance imposes a major drag on a company’s profitability. Offering a quality health insurance plan still is vital to attracting and retaining talented employees, however, the strategy only works if you can control costs.

That’s where Wilshire Health Insurance comes in.

People who have lost their health care insurance plan due to job loss or relocation to Santa Monica and Los Angeles area can get free quotes for health insurance from Wilshire Health Insurance. We are experts in small business health care insurance, so we offer free quotes for plans and programs that offer the greatest bang for your health insurance buck. Best of all, we are happy to shop for a better health insurance plan on your behalf at no charge to you. You and your employees remain focused on your business while we find ways to control and cut costs, increasing your profitability and your employee satisfaction at the same time. On average, we are able to save our small business clients 15 to 20 percent off their current rates. In some cases, we end up saving even more—without compromising the quality of health insurance coverage.

Wilshire Health Insurance is committed to making sure your employees are fully satisfied with their health insurance, so we remain involved with your company long after we make the sale. We will explain the changes in health insurance coverage and procedures to your employees, saving you valuable human resources time and expense. We also are happy to advise individual employees about their health insurance plan benefits and to answer any questions they might have. We don’t promise the moon and disappear overnight. We remain part of your team as long as we can be of assistance to you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about employee health care insurance:

  • Health insurance rates for small businesses vary from one health insurance company to another, and from one company’s health insurance plan to another. We make it our business to lower the cost of yours.
  • You are not required to have 100% participation in a health insurance plan you offer your employees. You can qualify for group health insurance with only 60% of your employees participating in the health insurance plan.
  • You are not required to contribute any more than 25 percent of the premium cost for an employee insured through your group health insurance plan. You also can limit your contribution to the health insurance plan premium to just $50 per employee per month.
  • You often can lower your health insurance premiums by adding life insurance to your health care insurance for a more complete benefit package. Let the pros at Wilshire Health Insurance check it out for you.

Wilshire Health Insurance appreciates how hard you and your employees work to make your business succeed, and we would like to help ease the human resources burden by advising you on the complex world of group health insurance. Don’t worry, our services cost you nothing. We earn our fees from the health insurance companies that are desperate to find new clients but are not equipped to tailor a health insurance solution to each business. Let Wilshire Health Insurance provide free quotes for you, so you can save money, improve the bottom line, and maintain the productivity and satisfaction of your employees.

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